Housing and Economic Development

FABCDC is committed to on-going housing and economic development in our community.  We believe what works long-term is investing in people and property to provide homes and enhance the opportunities for reinvestment in communities.  Stable, affordable housing coupled with financial education and living wage job opportunities allows families time to invest in their career development and prepare for their future.  

Affordable Housing Development

We construct and rehabilatate housing for affordable rental and homeownership.  FABCDC has constructed six single-family homes for home ownership.  

In an effort to launch more collaborative development for the North Nashville community where the need is great, the Noth Nashville Consortium (The Consortium) was founded in 2010 when four established nonprofit organizations with successful track records in the North Nashville Community came together to help stem the impact of the housing and related crises on the neighborhoods.  This consortium is led by The Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Community Development Corporation and includes Be A Helping Hand Foundation, New Level Community Development Corporation and Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership. These organizations have over 30 years of combined experience in addressing community economic development issues.  

Additionally, the Consortium received 3 million dollars awarded via the Mayor's Office, which was 10% of 30 million dollars of federal stimulus funds also known as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program II, awarded to the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency.  The Consortium leveraged in total over 4 million dollars back into struggling North Nashville Neighborhoods to help stem the decline caused by the recent housing crisis.

The Consortium acquired, rehabilitated and added 36 homes to the affordable housing stock in North Nashville.  In 2014, The Consortium decided to officially re-brand itself as the North Nashville Community Economic Development Consortium as it is actively expanding its impact through pursuit of community collaborations with local corporations, foundations and educational institutions.