Our agency's approach addresses broader objectives such as arresting tendencies toward financial dependency, chronic unemployment, and urban deterioration, resulting in a significant impact to individual lives and communities.  By working concurrently on barriers to self-sufficiency, job training and placement, financial management and savings, and obtaining safe, decent affordable housing, participants served by WFBCDC are more likely to be achieve stability and maintain it successfully over the longterm, resulting in the realization of our mission. 


We strongly believe in supporting other community-based organizations by providing our resources, support services and consultation.  Also, WFBCDC has partnered with other groups to support community needs which include childcare, senior housing, after-school programming, health & wellness initiatives as well as comprehensive services for a vulnerable youth population.

WFBCDC has developed a reputation in the public and private community as a thriving organization for furthering community economic development.  We creatively partner with both public and private agencies to implement workforce and economic development projects.  To date we have received more than six million dollars in funding for our initiatives. 

House Construction

WFBCDC has served many families through the provision of needed affordable and workforce housing.  Our services include: building, buying, and/or rehabilitating housing for lease or homeownership and has included the provision of downpayment assistance to qualifying families engaged in the homebuying process.


WFBCDC participates in transformative initiatives that may include education, training or investments in a targeted sector or business to the end of furthering economic stability, job creation and prosperity for the most vulnerable within our community.

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WFBCDC continues to support families with opportunities to grow via personal financial counseling services as well as through Homebuyer Education classes.  As a certified provider of a THDA approved Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Initiative workshop, the agency supports expanding access to the American Dream – Homeownership, while being financially prepared to experience it to the fullest.  Call the HBE Info line at 615.669.2454.